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Promax offers dynamic and innovative construction solutions.

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Design & Construction

Promax is poised to maximise its presence and productivity in both commercial and residential sectors.

High demand for residential and state-of-the-art commercial space in thriving Melbourne means that new developments are abundant and the competitive environment promotes high standards across the industry. Promax has now expanded its operational realm to include rural areas of Victoria.

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The supportive network Promax has formed over the years has the means to put Promax in the path of lucrative development opportunities, and credits the company with frequent recommendations for significant projects. By keeping abreast of both the industry’s movements, and the fluctuations of the city at large, Promax’s team ensures that the company is at the forefront of tenders, trends and technological advancements.

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Joint Venture

The company’s exemplary project management practices and effective communication skills ensure that its partners’s objectives are met with ease and precision. The growing profile of Promax is attracting increased international investor interest, enabling the company to procure projects smoothly, develop progressive ideas, and achieve sophisticated outcomes for its clients.


Project Management

Promax’s international realm involves project management throughout Indonesia in partnership with One Velvet, One Azure, One Casablanca, One Uluwatu, One Ungasan and One Paradise City.